Heavy Sleet/Ice Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature extremely messy weather as NE winds lock in cold air at the surface while SE winds aloft bring in warm air. The forecast is looking fairly good with the one notable exception that we’re likely looking at more freezing rain than initially expected. Up to a half-inch of ice is looking more and more likely SE of the mountains and away from the shorelines. This is definitely enough to bring down branches on power lines especially with the assist from 40mph NE winds.

Sleet and freezing rain will continue throughout the day with some immediate shoreline towns making it above freezing. For anyone NW of rt 1, believe that warm air when you see it and not before.

Precip will continue through the evening before tapering off in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow.

Check back through my updates the previous few evenings for in-depth analysis of each aspect of this event. The info there is more or less still relevant with the one change being towards more freezing rain as opposed to all sleet.

Temps will range from 25 in the northern mountains to 35 along the SE midcoast.


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