Quick But Intense Storm Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cloudy skies, cold temps, and, depending on location, heavy snow. For all the details on specifics/dynamics etc. check out Tuesday evening’s update and for a more general forecast overview, look at last night’s post. Here’s the barebones snapshot. Snow will move in this morning from SW to NE in time for the tail end of the AM commute (if you’re unfortunate enough to have to go to work, go early. you’ll want to leave early too). Snow will become heavy in the afternoon hours with rates of 1-3″/hr at times. Winds will be increasing during the day out of the north so expect blowing and drifting to further reduce visibilities this afternoon. Blizzard conditions are expected along the coast though their duration will be too short for official criteria (need 3hrs+ of 35mph winds and 1/4mi visibility). Snow tapers to snow showers this evening before everyone is dry tonight. Temps will be falling through the 10’s into the single digits.


One thought on “Quick But Intense Storm Today”

  1. Thank you for getting up so early every day to provide your weather report. It is the only one I read and spy attention to!



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