Quick Snowstorm Update

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m traveling this weekend hence the lack of updates but since we have a fairly substantial snowstorm on the way, I figured I’d briefly outline a few of my thoughts to keep everyone informed until I can do a detailed analysis tomorrow. Before that though, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in the next 12-18 hours.

Today will feature partly to mostly sunny skies along with continued cold temps and gusty NW winds as cold air continues to stream into the region. Winds will settle down gradually through the day and won’t be nearly as blustery as yesterday however it will still feel quite cold when you step outside. Now onto the storm.

Low pressure will eject out of the Rocky Mountains today and begin its track to the east across the plains. As it approaches the Appalachian mountains, it will transfer its energy to the coast where an abundant pool of moisture awaits. This energy transfer will form another storm which will track in our direction Tuesday. It will be a typical high-ish end nor’easter with generally around a foot expected along with the typical gusty NE winds. All in all though, there’s nothing exceptional about this storm for our area and by Wednesday afternoon, snow will be moving out and we’ll all be back to normal, laughing to ourselves about how DC is still crippled even though they got a bit less snow. Snow will overspread the area during the lunchtime hour Tuesday and will peak in intensity Tuesday evening.

More details tomorrow!