A Brief Look Ahead

Hello everyone!

I posted a couple of graphics this evening on twitter discussing my thoughts for the next two weeks ish of weather and I figured I’d share them here as well. They’re a little more technical than the stuff I usually post here but you’ll be able to get the general idea even without technical knowledge.

A warmer pattern is incoming!

Heavy rains Wednesday:

Thunderstorms Friday:

Longer term hopes for warmth:

I’ll be back tomorrow morning with tomorrow’s weather!


4 thoughts on “A Brief Look Ahead”

  1. It appears that the real warmth, the ‘blowtorch’ warmth, will for the most part be shunted south of us except for possibly one or two brief surges into the region. Sounds good to me.

    1. Yeah it’s that time of the year to enjoy those setups where it’s 80 and sunny NYC-BTV-BOS but 50 and cloudy PWM-RKD. Gulf of Maine is a tough influence to overcome this time of year!

  2. Nice work, as always, Jack. What is your prognosis for the last frost date in the midcoast (Harpswell)? Are we home free at some point in the next week? Thanks.

    1. We’re pretty close no doubt. I don’t see any more hard freezes but there are a couple nights in the next two weeks or so that could get down into the mid/upper 30’s. The old wisdom around here is that Mother’s Day is a good time to plant and based on the extended forecast, that’s probably a good benchmark this year as well though hardier plants that can handle a light/moderate frost are good to go at this point most likely.

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