More Rain Today

Hello everyone!

Looking for warmth? Let me know and I can provide directions to Florida. The next 7-10 days and beyond look cold and wet and today is no exception. Much of the morning will be dominated by low clouds, drizzle, fog, and leftover showers from last night’s cold front. Temps are currently in the mid 40’s and I see no reason for them to change much until the early afternoon.

A little after lunchtime, a weak disturbance will begin to approach the region and clear out the drizzle/fog/low clouds. Sunshine will break out from west to east quickly followed by convective clouds. These convective clouds should grow enough to bring a few showers and/or thunderstorms specially to western areas today. They won’t by any means be severe but they will impact outdoor plans if they happen to drift in your direction. The storms will weaken and race east as the sun sets tonight.

Temps today will peak right around 70 for most areas with cooler temps expected along the midcoast where drizzle/fog/low clouds will hang on the longest. Slightly warmer temps are expected in the usual southern NH areas.

If you’re feeling sad about missing yesterday’s heavy rain that only impacted northern and central areas, feel sad no more. Very heavy rain is in the forecast for Friday as well as through next week as a river of deep tropical moisture is pointed squarely in our direction.

Signs of early spring warmth remain nonexistent.


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