The Rain Arrives

Hello everyone!

Today brings the arrival of a prolonged cool and rainy period that I see no signs of ending in the next 10 days or more. It won’t rain for 10 days straight but the vast majority of those days will be overcast and will feature some sort of rain/drizzle/fog. Between 2 and 7″ of rain are likely by the time this stretch is over depending on exactly how each storm tracks. Total rainfall will also vary by location.

As for today, rain is already falling across far SW NH and will be slowly making its way NE through the day today. Portland should see rain beginning around or a little after noon while it’ll stay dry through the early afternoon along the midcoast.

Rain will become progressively heavier through the day today and by this evening/tonight, rain will be torrential along the coast, especially the midcoast. Several inches could fall in a short period of time tonight and flooding will certainly be a concern especially because rivers are already running fairly high.

Winds will be out of the east today and will be noticeable but not overly gusty. They will keep temps cool though and highs should remain at or just below 50 for the entire area.

More rain tomorrow, Sunday, and next week.


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