A Bit More Active Today

Hello everyone!

We’re beginning to get a bit of a respite from our previously boring (albeit beautiful) pattern. A cold front will approach the region very slowly today and showers/storms will develop along it. The entire area is at risk for storms though, as is always the case with convection, it’s hard/impossible to predict exactly where a particular storm will go until it has actually formed. Highs today will range from the upper 70’s along the coast and up north to the mid 80’s in the typical SW warmer spots. Storms will begin to develop a little after noon and will wind down around sunset.


2 thoughts on “A Bit More Active Today”

  1. We donated a boat outing to an auction and tomorrow late afternoon/early evening is the time for the outing. We leave out of Falmouth. What are your thoughts? Will it be too stormy?

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    1. Hi Janet,
      There will be enough energy for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, however cooler air will begin moving ashore as we head towards tomorrow evening. This will cut down on storm potential. I’d say that as of now, you’re good to go but keep an eye to the sky and be prepared to head back to shore if a lone storm does briefly pop up.

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