Cool and Dreary Today

Hello everyone!

We’re going to get a taste of October here today as a warm front remains stubbornly to our south. High temps will rise to about 60 in the mountains and could get to 70 in far southern NH, but that’s it. Winds will be out of the southeast ahead of the warm front and you know what that means… cold air damming! Yep, that’s right! Cold air will be dammed up against the mountains today as warm air tries to push in from all sides. Low level northeasterly winds will lock the raw air in place. Sounds like a forecast from December doesn’t it!

Sadly, this cold air damming setup won’t bring us snow or sleet or ice, but it will bring much-needed rain to the coast as warm, incredibly moist air from the tropics surges north. Look for general rainfall amounts right around an inch with up to 2 inches possible in any localized downpours. Given that we’re stuck in the cold air damming pattern, severe weather is basically a no-go though a rumble or two is possible over southern areas as a little bit of elevated instability develops.

Enjoy the unseasonably awesome weather today! We’re back to our boring pattern by Sunday.



One thought on “Cool and Dreary Today”

  1. Take heart, Jack. The normal average daily temperature started dropping earlier this month and will continue to do so until February!

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