A Brisk Early Fall Day

Good morning everyone and happy fall!

Climatological fall began at 12:00 this morning as September began. Right on cue, brisk NW flow is sending cold temps our way. The current temperature on the summit of Mount Washington is 25 degrees where they are reporting snow and freezing fog! Winter is coming! The snow on Mount Washington is being driven by, you guessed it, upslope. With brisk NW winds, we’ll be in our classic upslope/downslope pattern today. Look for clouds and scattered light showers in the mountains with those showers falling as snow above 4,000 feet this morning. Light accumulations are expected, under 1″. For the south, skies will be clear but temps will be cool. Portland will struggle to break 60 today, though I think we’ll get there, if only by a degree or two. Colder temps are forecast in the mountains where highs will remain stuck in the low to mid 50’s.

You might notice I’ve added links to this post. This is something I’ll continue to do in the future as I work to grow and promote weather.us which, if I do say so myself, is a pretty awesome resource for weather information. Click any of the links above to find more information on that topic over at weather.us!


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