Strong To Severe Thunderstorms Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature strong to severe thunderstorms as a strong cold front slowly approaches our area. Storms will develop to our west later this morning before moving into NH early this afternoon. Because the front will be slowing down, storms won’t arrive in Maine until the late afternoon or early evening. Storms will be strong to severe as they move through, and the biggest threat will be damaging wind gusts. Hail and tornadoes are unlikely, but can never be ruled out. Temperatures will be much warmer today ranging from the mid 70’s in the north and along the midcoast to the mid 80’s in southern NH. Dew points will be slightly muggy as SW winds whisk more humid air into the region.

The front will stall near the coast tonight leading to continued chances for strong storms and heavy rains tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Strong To Severe Thunderstorms Today”

  1. Disappointed that graphics only include extreme southern Maine and can’t figure out how to get the rest of Maine to display.

    1. Hi Keith,
      The limit on southern Maine is only for the Swiss Super HD model. All other models including the ECMWF, NAM, HRRR, GFS, and others, can be viewed for the entire state. Use the menus to the left of the image to select different models.

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