Remnants Of Irma Bring Clouds And Showers Today

Hello everyone!

Today’s forecast will be dominated by the remnants of once-mighty Hurricane Irma, now just a weak area of moisture and spin in the upper levels. The main thing we’ll get from Irma’s remnants will be cloud cover which satellite imagery indicates is pretty expansive across the southern half of the region. We’ll also get showers and potentially a thunderstorm or two as the upper level disturbance drifts by overhead. There are already some ongoing showers this morning as seen on radar, but lightning analysis indicates that strike activity is somewhere between minimal and nonexistent. Lightning may pick back up as we get a little bit of daytime heating through the cloud cover this afternoon. The best chance for a shower strong enough to produce lightning will be in the SW part of the region. Areas NE of Augusta and Bethel are likely to remain dry.

Daytime heating through the clouds will bring temps up, but not nearly as much as yesterday. Highs will range from the low 70’s north to around 80 in SW NH. Cooler temps are also possible along the coast where southerly winds will be blowing off the Gulf of Maine. Those southerly winds bringing in cooler and moisture laden air will likely contribute to the development of some fog along the coastline today.

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