A Mixed Bag Of Precipitation Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a mixed bag of precipitation as a cold front and coastal storm converge on our area. Precipitation associated with the cold front is already approaching Western New Hampshire while the coastal storm remains well to our south this morning. The storm will move rapidly northeast today, passing near Cape Cod by this evening. This storm will help to pull colder air south, resulting in a change from rain back to snow across the foothills. The mountains are likely to remain cold enough to see all snow, though accumulation will be heavily dependent on elevation. The foothills will start as snow, before transitioning to sleet and/or freezing rain. Not much accumulation is expected, perhaps a coating-1″, but the combination of various frozen precipitation types will result in slippery roads. The coastal plain may see a few snowflakes at the very beginning, but those will quickly melt away to raindrops as warm air will have little problem rushing in from the ocean.

Precipitation will be light for most of the day today, but heavy bands of rain and snow are possible this evening as the dynamics associated with the coastal low move over our area. Highs will range from around 30 in the north to around 40 along the coast.


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