Falling Temps Today As Arctic Air Pours In Behind Our Departed Blizzard

Hello everyone!

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s balmy conditions! Tropical air surged up the coast associated with our storm, boosting the temp in Portland to a toast 30 degrees! The last time we saw temps that high was Christmas. The warmth is ending today due to gusty NW winds that will set up a nonstop pipeline directly from the Arctic Circle. Temps are in the single digits north and low teens south this morning. By evening, all but the immediate coastline will be below zero, with temps dropping towards -15 in the mountains. Wind gusts of 30-45 mph will make those temps feel even colder. Additionally, the gusty winds will continue to blow snow around today so you may find snow covered roads even though the sun will be peeking through the clouds more and more as the day goes on. Snow has long since moved out into the Canadian Maritimes, so a dry day will remain for most of us, though snow accumulations will continue in the favored upslope areas of the mountains.

Even colder weather is en route for tomorrow. Bundle up!