Morning Snow Gives Way To A Cool And Breezy Afternoon

Hello everyone!

Today will feature rapidly dropping temps as a cold front has now moved offshore. Radar shows light to moderate snow ongoing for most of the area as of 4:45 AM. Some areas along the immediate coast are still warm enough to be seeing rain, but with the incoming cold air, expect any leftover raindrops to change over to snow in the next hour or so. Light to moderate snow will continue for the next few hours as a wave of low pressure develops in the Gulf of Maine. As this wave races off into the Canadian Maritimes, expect snow to taper off from west to east once we get towards the middle part of the morning. Temps will follow a non-diurnal curve today, meaning that they will continuously fall instead of rising once the sun comes up. Current temps range from the mid 20’s in the north to the mid 30’s near Rockland. By 6 PM this evening, temps will range from 0 in the mountains to 10 along the coast. Those temps will feel even colder once you factor in NW winds gusting 20-30 mph. Bundle up if you’re headed out!