Still Cool Today As Clouds And Some Showers Linger

Hello everyone!

Our weather today will once again be influenced primarily by an upper level low pressure system that is slowly moving to our north. The result will be cool temps, plenty of cloudiness, and continued shower chances. That being said, yesterday’s steady soaking rains are not expected to continue today.

Most areas will remain socked in with overcast today, the one exception to that being southern NH where breaks of sun are already developing this morning. Those sunny breaks will help boost temps in that area, which will also create some instability as cold air moves in aloft. This instability will fuel scattered showers this afternoon, one or two of which could produce a rumble of thunder and some very small hail. Showers will quickly weaken/dissipate as they move east into stable air over Maine this evening. High temps in Southern NH will make it up into the mid 60’s.

Farther north and east, look for cloud cover to continue today with areas of drizzle along the coast. Some showers are possible, but no organized areas of steady/heavy rain are expected. The exception to this may be the northwestern mountains, which could see more rain this afternoon as the aforementioned upper level low drifts closer. Temps will be cooler due to the cloud cover, only making it a few degrees above 50 for areas SW of Augusta while areas NE of Augusta could fall short of the 50 degree mark entirely.


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