Clouds And Showers Slow To Clear Today

Hello everyone!

Low pressure sits off to our east this morning, which typically would signal clearing skies and improving weather. However, that low has a small appendage on its western side that’s dragging its feet on its way out this morning. This appendage is located over SW NH this morning, and as a result, it will be southwestern areas that will see the greatest impacts from this feature. Clouds and showers are ongoing across much of NH this morning, and will be slow to clear out during the rest of the day today. Meanwhile to the northeast, skies have already cleared in Augusta where a beautiful early Summer day is in store.

Highs today will be a function of hours with sunshine. Those that see sun most or all of the day (NE areas) will enjoy temps in the low 70’s. Those that see only a couple sunny breaks this evening, if that (Southern NH) will see temps in the mid 60’s. Areas in between will see varying amounts of sunshine this afternoon, and thus will have temps varying accordingly, but most should come in within a few degrees of 70.

Looking ahead, a big warmup is in store beginning this weekend, culminating on Monday with highs spiking into the 90’s accompanied by oppressive humidity.


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