Scattered Showers Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature scattered showers as a storm system to our southwest drifts in our direction. Radar imagery shows some showers already in progress across southwestern areas this morning, and the light/scattered nature of these showers is readily apparent in the absence of deep tropical moisture and strong dynamics aloft. Cloud cover will be abundant today due to that storm system, and as a result temps will generally be cool. The warmest temps will be found north and east of Augusta where a few hours of sunshine are expected this morning before clouds take over. Highs will range from 65 in these areas to 55 in the mountains of NH where the coldest temps will be found.


2 thoughts on “Scattered Showers Today”

  1. Jack, your weather reports are the only ones I trust, except for your company’s website you gave us the link to this week. Your daily writing is so clean and clear, it’s easy to read and understand for a layman. Thank you for making weather real again! I think you have an exciting future ahead of you.

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