A Note On The Future Of Forecasterjack

Hello everyone!

I’ve been posting weather forecasts here on forecasterjack.com since 2011. Since that time, the page has grown from a place to ramble about something 11-year-old me was casually interested in, to a dependable source of weather information for Western Maine and New Hampshire. Each morning, I work to bring you the most reliable forecast I can, communicated clearly and concisely. That takes effort on my part, and that effort is something I’ve been more than happy to put in.

That being said, I’m heading off to college at Cornell University this fall, and the workload associated with that education will mean I have to be a little more selective about what I choose to spend my limited time and energy on. That doesn’t mean that forecasterjack will be an impossible lift, but instead that to make it viable, it’s going to be important to get something out of it. Getting up an extra half hour-hour early to forecast weather a few hundred miles away for free isn’t something I’m going to be able to do. But if a few folks each pitch in a few bucks, and continuing to post means having enough spare change to buy my friends and me pizza on a Friday night, or put gas in the car to get to the ski mountain on a Saturday? That’s a tradeoff I’d be happy to make.

So if you’re willing to chip in a few bucks to keep these forecasts coming, please head on over to my Patreon page. If enough people chip in to make the continuation of posts worthwhile, I’ll keep posting each morning (or if I’m away, I will post a forecast a couple days in advance so you’re always informed).
Either way, I won’t be posting during the rest of August as I head off on an orientation hiking trip and get settled into life at Cornell. During that time, remain informed about the weather by heading on over to weather.us and typing your town into the search box on the homepage. The data comes straight from models, so it won’t be perfect, but then again my forecasts aren’t perfect either. Be sure to check out the “Forecast XL” and “Forecast Ensemble” options to compare different model forecasts for a sense of forecast uncertainty. If all the models agree, you can be pretty confident in their forecast. If the models don’t agree, take their forecast with a grain of salt.
Whether or not Forecasterjack continues this fall, I want to thank everyone who has read my forecasts on here over the past 7 (!) years. Your support and encouragement has helped me do what I do today, and I am extremely grateful. Working on this project has provided me with tons of inspiration, and has helped turn a casual childhood interest into a full fledged passion, complete with tons of plans for the future. Even if it doesn’t end up working out to continue posting daily updates this fall, I’ll keep the site up, and will send out a quick note if a particularly intense storm is heading towards Maine.