Forecasterjack Is Back!

Hello everyone!

Thanks to your extremely generous support, Forecasterjack is back! Starting today, I’ll once again be posting daily weather updates for Western Maine and New Hampshire, and that will continue as long as its sustainable with everything else I’m juggling. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it though, so here’s today’s forecast.

Today will feature more clouds than sun generally speaking as moisture moving in from the west runs into a dry area of high pressure to our northeast. Western parts of New Hampshire will be the cloudiest, while northeastern parts of Maine will see the most sun. A very brief sprinkle is about all I’d expect to fall from these clouds, and even that is fairly unlikely for most areas.

The cloud cover will team up with onshore winds to keep temps fairly low today. Look for highs to top out within a few degrees of 70 for most spots, with southern NH and parts of Maine NE of Augusta likely a little warmer (low-mid 70’s).