More Rain Today

Hello everyone!

If you like clouds and rain, you’ve been having a great few weeks here in New England, and your luck doesn’t appear to be running out soon. A warm front is sitting to our south this morning, with an area of low pressure and its trailing cold front to our west. Each of these rain-producing features will converge on western Maine and New Hampshire today, with predictable results.

The day’s first round of precip is moving through this morning, with the back edge coming north through New Hampshire as of 4:30 AM. The next round of precip will arrive in shower/thunderstorm form in SW NH just before noon, becoming an area of plain old steady rain as it moves NE into Maine just after noon. We’ll transition to spottier showers and thunderstorms as we head into the evening. Skies will remain overcast throughout the day.

Temperatures will vary considerably from NE to SW today as strong Cold Air Damming is present. Folks north of Waterville will struggle to get much above 40 degrees, while parts of Southern NH could top out around 70 degrees. The general warm vs cold cutoff will be around Portland, with 40’s generally expected north of the city, and 50’s-60’s south.

A sneak peek at tomorrow’s forecast shows, you guessed it, more rain.


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