More Rain Today

Hello everyone!

Before I get to the forecast, happy election day! Please get out and vote for your preferred candidates, and local ballot measures. If you’re not sure who/what to vote for, I will refrain from giving my opinion as my effort here is to present weather information not make people angry. Instead, I’ll direct you to the excellent nonpartisan guide put together by the folks at Channel 6 which hopefully will give you the information you need to make an informed choice.

Today will feature more clouds, more chilly temps, and more rain as yet another frontal system moves through. Light rain and drizzle are noted this morning across a fairly wide swath of the area. This lighter precip will persist through the early afternoon hours, at which point reinforcements will arrive from the west. These reinforcements will come in the form of heavy rain associated with the strong cold front. Heavy rain will arrive in NH a little after 1 PM, with Maine getting in on the action a couple hours later. Downpours will persist through the early evening before tapering off tonight. The bottom line: vote early to stay dry!

High temps will range from the upper 30’s in the mountains to the mid 40’s along the coast.


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