Winter Storm Departs Later Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the departure of our winter storm, which has brought substantial snow to much of the area overnight. Snow is still falling this morning, and is heaviest over the mountains, while lightest across parts of SW NH where dry air has moved in aloft. Warm air has worked onshore in far SE NH and along the immediate shorelines of Penobscot Bay, yet Wiscasset and Portland are both reporting snow with temps of 29 and 32 respectively as of this writing.

To our west, a band of heavy snow is organizing over New York State. This band put down a couple inches in only an hour or so here in Ithaca, and it’s moving east. This will be the last hurrah from the current storm, and it will impact Western NH later this morning, before moving into Maine early this afternoon. Everyone outside of the favored mountain upslope areas should be clear of snow by late afternoon.

Additional snow accumulations from both what’s currently falling and that final band should end up in the 2-4″ range, with potentially a little bit more in the mountains as upsloping continues into tomorrow.

High temps will range from 20 in the north to 40 in the south, though those 40 degree temps are likely to occur this morning before onshore winds turn northerly this afternoon, bringing in colder air.


One thought on “Winter Storm Departs Later Today”

  1. Over 4″ here in South Freeport and it’s not fluffy. A brief glimpse of sun around noon. And I think that final band you mentioned is just arriving in time for my trip to the grocery store!

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