Chilly And Windy Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature falling temps as strong winds usher in cold air from the northwest. Snow squalls have been in progress this morning on the leading edge of that cold air, but as the day goes on expect any precipitation to be more confined to the typical upslope areas.

The main story today though will be the wind, but by this point you probably didn’t need me to tell you that.

Here’s the NWS’s forecast for wind gusts today, and as you can see the majority of us will get above 50 mph at least once or twice. The strongest winds are of course up in the higher elevations, so maybe put the hiking and skiing on hold for today. If you’re curious, Mount Washington has already gusted to 144mph and the Observatory is forecasting gusts up to 165 mph. That’s the equivalent of what you’d find in some of the strongest hurricanes ever to make landfall!

Winds die down tonight with seasonably chilly temps.


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