Late Season Winter Storm Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a late season winter storm as low pressure slides across the region, and cold high pressure locks in to our northeast. Rain and snow are already falling across the region this morning, and some areas currently seeing rain will change over to snow in the next couple hours as cold air moves in and heavier precip arrives. The morning commute will be a messy one, especially anywhere north of Portland and away from the immediate coastline. Snow will change over to sleet for some inland towns later this afternoon as warm air arrives about 8-10,000 feet up, but the mountains especially the northeastern mountains should remain mostly to all snow. Snow accumulations will range from nothing along the coast south of Portland and in southern NH to 6-10″ near Sugarloaf.

High temps will also be fairly location dependent, ranging from 25 in the northern mountains to 45 in southern NH. Rain and snow will depart later on this evening.

We’ll get another storm right on the heels of this one tomorrow, and it looks to be another snowy one for most of the area though accumulations appear to remain relatively minor.


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