Unsettled Again Today

Hello everyone!

A warm and moist airmass is on our doorstep this morning. Here in Ithaca, we’re enjoying a 25 mph sustained southerly wind with temps already in the mid 50’s. Unfortunately warm air is notorious for struggling to get very far north in New England this time of year, so today will be a “transition day” of sorts with the warmth trying and largely failing to make it into the region at the surface. Aloft, it will be a much different story. Without terrain influences, warm air will pour into the region from the south/southwest. That will support widespread cloud cover (if it’s not cloudy already in your area, it will be soon) as well as some showers.

Precip is falling over NH as I write this a little before 8:30 AM, and Maine is next in line over the coming hours. Most of this is falling as rain, but I’ve seen some reports of light sleet out of MA so don’t be surprise if a few of your raindrops are a little icier than usual. The showers won’t bring any impacts of consequence, and will be slow to depart the region early this afternoon.

High temps will range from 35 in the north to 45 or 50 in far Southern NH.


One thought on “Unsettled Again Today”

  1. Thank you, Jack. Happy Easter! As always, I really appreciate getting this daily update, even as you’re far away in Ithaca! My son went to Cornell so I have good memories of the campus, Cascadilla, Saturday farmers market, the lake. Enjoy!

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