More Unsettled Weather Today

Hello everyone!

You’ve probably gotten tired of hearing the word “unsettled” being used to describe pretty much every day’s weather for the past week or so, but it fits well again today. An upper level low pressure system will be moving across the region from NW to SE today, which will put the bulk of its precipitation off to our northeast. Satellite imagery shows some signs of clearing especially downwind of the mountains in NH, and this will drift towards Maine during the morning hours.

As the sun heats up the surface, and the upper level low passes overhead, the vertical temperature gradient will steepen (temps cool faster with height), which means that we could be looking at some scattered pop up showers across the area this afternoon. Not everyone will see a shower, but don’t be surprised if you encounter a brief burst of rain if you’re headed out and about. Any showers will dissipate this evening as both the sun and the upper low depart the region.

High temps will range from 40 in the north to 45 along the immediate coast to 65 in southern NH.


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