Cool And Nice Today

Hello everyone!

If I had to design a perfect day of weather for the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it would look a lot like today. A little morning fog along the midcoast will burn off in the next few hours, which means the entire area will enjoy some beautiful sunshine. As the day progresses, clouds will pop up in the mountains and adjacent northern parts of the foothills. Those clouds will develop into showers and some thunderstorms later this afternoon.

The best chance for a shower or storm will be north of Route 2, though places as far south as Brunswick-Lewiston-Fryeburg shouldn’t be surprised if a brief shower pops up. Clouds that develop this afternoon farther south might manage to get a drop or two to the ground, but otherwise won’t be capable of producing much precip. Clouds and showers will both dissipate this evening with the loss of daytime heating.

High temps today will range from 50 in the northern mountains to 70 for a few lucky spots along the coastal plain. Any attempts at a sea breeze will be held back by a 20-25 mph WNW wind, which will allow even the shoreline to enjoy the warmer temps.


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