The Last Summer Airmass Of The Season Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

The last truly summer-like airmass of the season will be arriving behind a warm front today meaning that temps and humidity will be back on the increase. The warm front will have some trouble making it all the way through the region today, which means that there will be a fairly wide range between conditions occurring in the northeastern and southwestern parts of the area.

For the southwest, particularly SW NH, it’s summer’s last hurrah today with temps climbing into the mid to upper 70’s and dew points soaring into the upper 60’s. Some showers and a couple rumbles of thunder are possible as the front moves through midday, but otherwise most of the day should be dry.

For the middle of the area, today will be on the cooler but more humid side. Showers currently ongoing this morning will taper off in the next 2-3 hours before mostly dry weather returns for this afternoon. Highs will generally fall in the mid to upper 60’s.

For the northeast, we’ll retain the feeling of fall until much later this evening. High temps will be on the cooler side, in the mid 50’s to low 60’s, and dew points won’t cross the 60 degree “uncomfortable” threshold until after 10 PM. Showers currently ongoing this morning will take a while to taper off this morning, and will be replaced by another round of showers later this afternoon into this evening.

Everyone goes back to the dry weather tomorrow, with cooler temps following for the end of the week. If you’re up in the mountains above around 2,500 feet or so, Friday will likely bring your first snowflakes. Tis the season!