Cool and Unsettled Weather Continues Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cool temps and unsettled weather as Thursday night’s snowstorm drifts ever so slowly east through the Canadian Maritimes. While not nearly as strong as yesterday, NW breezes will continue across the area especially this morning. As a result, we’re seeing the typical low cloud deck established over the mountains this morning. Some of those clouds have even strayed towards the coastline. Look for the usual mix of sun and clouds across most of the area today with sunnier skies developing later in the day especially near the coast and cloudier skies remaining stuck over the mountains especially this morning. With low level moisture in short supply after yesterday’s squalls, the only precipitation likely today is some flurries in the mountains. High temps will remain chilly, ranging from 30 in the mountains to 50 along the NH Seacoast.

Our next storm arrives Monday with gusty SW winds and heavy rain.