Much-Needed Rain Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a round of much-needed rain as the remnants of Hurricane Delta move up the coast. The seriously hazardous aspects of the storm have long since faded but a pocket of beneficial moisture remains, and we’re lucky enough to have that moisture head our way today.

Rain has begun already across southwestern NH and will slowly move northeast through the rest of the day. By noon, the first drops will be falling in northern NH and parts of southwestern ME. By 3 PM, most of the region will be seeing rain. Rain will fall steadily this afternoon and may be heavy at times especially along the coast. The region is still experiencing severe to extreme drought so no flooding issues are expected and we’ll be glad to take every raindrop we can. Rain will taper off from west to east this evening. If we’re lucky, parts of the region could end up with over 2″ of rain when all is said and done. Most spots will get between 1 and 2″.

High temps today will range from 45 up in the mountains to 55 in the south.


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