Quiet Weather Continues Today

Hello everyone!

Our stretch of generally quiet weather will continue today as high pressure slides to our east. Continued southerly breezes will keep temps a bit above normal for this time of year, especially in western parts of the region. Look for highs near 70 in the CT Valley and on the northwest slopes of the mountains. High temps will be a bit cooler on the southeastern side of the mountains (55 Midcoast to 65 foothills) where flow will be a bit more onshore and low clouds will limit heating during the morning. Those low clouds are fairly widespread as I write this around 6:45 AM but should gradually begin to thin out as the sun comes up. Some fog is being reported in NH but so far we’re not seeing too much here in Maine. Low clouds will clear out gradually this afternoon and will linger longest along the coast. Outside some patchy drizzle this morning, no precipitation is expected.


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