Cool and Somewhat Unsettled Weather Continues Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature midday clear skies and cool temps bookended by two weak disturbances that promise to bring clouds and a few showers both this morning and this evening. The first disturbance and its associated shower activity is just moving offshore as I write this around 6 AM. A few more sprinkles are likely right at the coastline before dry weather returns around 7-8 AM. Clouds from this disturbance should start breaking up around 8-9 AM and by around noon, most of us should be enjoying some sunshine.

Clouds from the next disturbance will arrive during the mid-afternoon hours. It remains to be seen just how much precipitation might fall from this system, but light rain/snow seems like a good bet across western NH starting around 6-7 PM. As you move farther east, precipitation will likely become spottier but some flurries and/or sprinkles should make it to the Maine coast by 8-9 PM.

High temps today will range from the mid 30s up north to the low 50s along the coast and adjacent parts of interior SW ME/S NH.


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