Mild and Rainy Today

Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas to all those celebrating today!

Mother Nature is still doing her best Grinch impression this morning as temps range from around 50 up north to just over 60 in southern NH. Warm air continues to stream into the region this morning on gusty south-southeast winds. Those winds are mixing down to the surface from time to time and causing some power outage issues, though outages thus far are fairly isolated. The strongest winds will sweep through the region later this morning before calmer conditions arrive this afternoon.

Unfortunately, the actual front that marks the leading edge of cooler air will not arrive until after dark. That means that temps today will continue rising through the 50’s for the entire region and even into the low 60s across southern parts of the area.

Rain will fall steadily across pretty much the entire area for pretty much the whole day, and will become heavy at times as various boundaries slide through the region this morning and during the midday hours. If you live near a river/stream, watch out for high water today thanks to the combination of snowmelt and heavy rain. This is especially true up in the mountains where several rivers are forecast to exceed flood stage.


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