Mild and Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

A cold front is on the way this morning. Out ahead of this boundary, we’re seeing mild temps and somewhat unsettled conditions across the area. Radar and ground observations show light snow in progress across the mountains and some of the foothills north of Lewiston over towards Waterville. These snow showers may drop a dusting or possibly even an inch where they persist for the longest. That, as per usual, will be up in the mountains especially on any slopes facing west. Temps today will be driven by the usual upslope/downslope pattern we’d expect from westerly flow. Look for highs in the mid 20s up north and low 40s down south. Most spots will see mostly cloudy skies for most of today with the best shot at some sunshine being down along the coast early this morning and later this afternoon. Westerly breezes will be noticeable (15-25 mph) but well below the threshold of any power outage concerns.


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