April Returns

Hello everyone!

You didn’t think we were just going to skip to late May, did you? That’s right, it’s still April and we’re still within spitting distance of the 45th parallel and that means we have more than a few cool/drizzly days ahead of us before summer is here to stay. With a backdoor cold front now settling down to our southwest, today will be one of those cool/drizzly days as northeasterly winds push a cool maritime airmass in our direction.

Satellite imagery shows clouds locked in place across most of the area with just a few breaks of sun in the mountains where easterly winds are downsloping a bit. This should be the general pattern for most of the morning until drier air starts to arrive just like yesterday. Parts of the area between Farmington and Belfast will clear out first, and thus will see the warmest temperatures in the low/mid 50s. Southern NH will stay cloudy all day and thus will stay cooler, in the mid/upper 40s. Drizzle will impact just about the whole area this morning but will retreat a bit towards NH and far SW ME this afternoon. Some steadier showers may impact far southwestern NH but don’t have enough momentum to move much past Manchester/Concord.


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