Milder With Afternoon Showers Today

Hello everyone!

In a true sign of moving towards mid-spring, we have our first real opportunity for afternoon showers/thunderstorms today as cool air aloft and warming temps near the surface set up conditions favorable for instability in the atmosphere. Sunshine this morning will push temps into the low 50s north/along the Midcoast and into the low 60s inland. As the midday hours approach, clouds will bubble up and start dropping some rain over the mountains. Showers will drift east/southeast this afternoon before fizzling out in the cooler air closer to the coastline this evening. Not everyone will see a shower, but I’d put the odds a bit above a coin toss in any given location. A few of the stronger showers might be able to squeak out a clap of thunder or two as well as some small hail. No severe weather is expected given the lack of low-level moisture to support deeper instability.


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