Warming Trend Resumes Today

Hello everyone!

After a pause in our recent warming trend yesterday for some cool breezes off the ocean, most of the region will see milder air today as a weak cold front shifts winds more towards the west. This front is producing some clouds and a few light showers this morning, both of which should depart in the next couple hours. As temps rise into the low 80s up in the mountains and mid to upper 80s over parts of the foothills, a sea breeze will develop and attempt to push inland. As of now, it looks like this boundary will set up somewhere in the vicinity of I-95 with pleasantly cool temps in the high 60s to mid 70s east of the front and downright hot air to the west. As per usual for this time of year, the Midcoast will win the air conditioning lottery and Camden probably won’t be able to get out of the 50s.

After morning clouds clear out, a few more will be spilling over the ridge from Canada. While most of us should see more sunshine than clouds this afternoon, it won’t quite be a bluebird day. After morning showers over the coastal plain and eastern foothills subside, most of us should be dry for the rest of the day though just enough instability might develop to support a brief shower over the mountains this afternoon.

Better chances for showers and thunderstorms will arrive this weekend.