showers and Storms May Pack a Punch Inland Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature warmer and more humid weather as southwesterly breezes kick up and push tropical air into the region. That warm air will be ushered in by a warm front this morning which is bringing some showers to parts of the mountains and foothills as I write this around 9:30 EDT. Behind the front, skies clear out with mostly sunny weather expected for the midday hours. Clouds will then increase this afternoon as a cold front approaches from the west.

High temps this afternoon will range from around 70 along the Midcoast where cool onshore winds will provide relief from the heat to the low 90s in interior SW ME and southern NH. With dew points surging towards 70, this airmass will feel positively unpleasant. Thankfully it’s only here for a day.

Showers and thunderstorms will develop to our west this afternoon and move into NH around 6-7 PM. Western areas will be most at risk for severe weather with damaging winds, hail, lightning, heavy rain, and tornadoes all on the menu of possibilities from the CT Valley northeast into the Maine mountains. Storms will weaken considerably as they approach the coast around/after sunset.

As a programming note, being out in MT for the summer, the weekend schedule of camping and mountain climbing doesn’t overlap well with posting updates at a time they’d be useful on Saturdays/Sundays. My apologies for that this past weekend. In the future I’ll endeavor to include a weekend outlook with Friday’s update to address this.


3 thoughts on “showers and Storms May Pack a Punch Inland Today”

  1. Jack — Enjoy your Montana time and make the most of it. Forecast when you can — and thanks for all of them. DW

  2. Jack,
    As young as you are, you’re the most reliable forecaster for all of us in Maine. And while you do your school/summer work, you continue to keep us updated. Thank you so much.

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