Potentially Significant Severe Thunderstorms Today

Hello everyone!

Today will be the most exciting weather we’ve had in a while as a cold front appears to slice through the region at just the right time of day with just the right amount of energy to support potentially significant severe weather.

It’s pretty cloudy out there this morning, but we should see some breaks in the overcast as we get closer to midday. By early in the afternoon, temps will range from the mid 70s up north to the low 80s in southern NH with just a few cooler outliers in the mid 60s along the Midcoast.

Radar imagery this morning shows scattered shower activity along the Midcoast with a line of stronger storms up near the Canadian border. Expect both batches of precipitation to weaken and slide east this morning, with mostly dry conditions developing by midday. The primary band of thunderstorms will arrive from the west around 2-3 PM for the mountains before spreading southeast later in the afternoon.

Today’s storms will be capable of producing damaging winds, hail, and possibly even a tornado or two over southern parts of the area. This is of course in addition to the menu of hazards presented by even “garden variety” thunderstorms (lightning and heavy rain). So keep an eye to the sky this afternoon and have a way to receive warnings if they are issued for your area. The strongest storms should be departing offshore by sunset with cooler and drier air filtering in from the north.