One Last Mild Day Before Strong Cold Front Brings Us Back to Fall

Hello everyone!

We have one more mild day to get through today before a strong cold front sweeping in from the west will bring us back to where we should be this time of year in terms of temps. The storm’s warm front is currently draped across the area and radar is picking up on some showers in central NH/coastal Maine as of 9 AM. These showers should dissipate and lift northeast over the next couple hours leaving us with mostly dry weather by midday as we await the arrival of the cold front.

The midday dry period may even feature a break or two of sunshine especially in southern NH and parts of Maine south of Portland. Temps will top out in the low 60s way up north and along the Midcoast with mid/upper 70s over interior parts of southern NH/southwest ME.

The cold front won’t arrive until after dark, around 8-9 PM in NH and 9-11 PM in Maine. This means that thunderstorms forming along the front will be running out of juice by the time they get here. A few rumbles of thunder and some gusty winds are expected, but this isn’t traditionally the type of setup that brings significant impacts from thunderstorms.

Winds for most of today will be breezy from the south-southeast, especially near the coast before shifting towards the west after the front passes.


One thought on “One Last Mild Day Before Strong Cold Front Brings Us Back to Fall”

  1. These temperatures are just fine. The longer the cold holds off, the better for trying to keep winter costs under some control. Plus, we are still getting corn and raspberries.

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