Colder Air Starts Returning Today

Hello everyone!

The mild air that invaded yesterday is taking a while to retreat, but westerly winds will be working hard all day to get the job done. With downsloping and sunny skies southeast of the mountains, temps will once again peak in the low to mid 40s, but temps will drop quickly after dark. Up in the mountains, overcast skies and closer proximity to cold air aloft will hold temps in the low 30s with scattered snow showers. Westerly winds will be quite gusty today especially in the foothills and mountains where some spots will make a run at 50mph. West is as good a direction for strong winds as it gets around here (it being our prevailing wind direction, trees have grown to be stronger in the face of westerlies) but a few isolated power outages are still possible.

The cold air moving in today will set the stage for the first plowable snow of the season tomorrow afternoon/evening. I’ll likely post a special update on that system tonight, but if not, details will be available in tomorrow morning’s update. Right now, it’s looking like most folks end up with around 4-6″, possibly a bit more in the hills of NH and far western ME, likely a bit less as you move farther north and east.


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