Messy Wintry Mix Continues Through Early This Afternoon

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a messy medley of wintry precipitation as an offshore storm teams up with a cold front approaching from Quebec to provide moisture and lift across most of our area. Precipitation is ongoing this morning with freezing rain being the dominant precipitation type near the coast while the foothills see a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain, and the mountains enjoy pure snow. If you’re down in Boothbay Harbor, at the end of Pemaquid Point, or near Kittery, you’re just warm enough to get plain old rain. The net result of this wintry mix will be slick travel across much of the area (especially on untreated roads).

Anytime we get freezing rain, most people immediately get concerned about power outages as the ice can easily weigh down trees and lines. It takes about 1/3″ of ice to get really concerned about power outages and I think areas meeting that criteria will be few and far between today. However, a few unlucky folks may end up in the dark this afternoon especially along I-95 north of Brunswick.

Precipitation will clear out from west to east during the early afternoon with sunshine returning quickly to the foothills and coastal plain. Westerly breezes and the mixing action of the cold front will push high temps into the upper 30s for most of the area after precip shuts off, though the mountains should stay below freezing.

Quieter weather returns tomorrow.


One thought on “Messy Wintry Mix Continues Through Early This Afternoon”

  1. Our lousy winter continues with mild temperatures and lack of any real snow by Maine standards. If this keeps up, we’ll be back in full drought conditions before you know it. 👎☹

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