A Very Merry Winter Storm Arrives Today

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!

It seems Maine has made it onto Santa’s nice list this year as we’re just a couple hours away from snowfall breaking out across the state as weak low pressure meanders through New York. Unfortunately, Southern New Hampshire is on the naughty list and will get a hearty coating of freezing rain to go with the coal in their stockings.

Snow and freezing rain are already falling across much of NH and precip will begin in western Maine over the next couple hours. Snow will be steadiest midmorning through early afternoon before tapering off from northwest to southeast. Snowfall totals will be highest in the White Mountains (3-6″), tapering off to the south due to mixing (1-3″ snow/sleet and 0.25-0.5″ ice) and to the north/northeast due to a lack of moisture/lift (1-3″ of lighter snow). Parts of NH south of 101 that could make a run at 0.5″ ice will need to watch out for power outage issues later today.

Precip will taper off to snow showers this afternoon before a secondary disturbance will try to revive a period of light/moderate snow for southern Maine overnight. An additional 1-2″ is possible especially near Casco Bay depending on the strength of this band.

Temps will range from the mid 20s up north to the mid 30s right along the NH Seacoast.


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