Turning Colder Today

Hello everyone!

After a restful break (well, not for Mother Nature), it’s time to dust off the forecasting chair and get back into the swing of things. The weather has decided to look for a fresh start too, sending some chilly Canadian air to sweep yesterday’s warmth back to where it belongs: Bermuda. Look for gusty west winds today with the usual upslope/downslope pattern for clouds and precip. The mountains will stay coldest, in the upper 10s, under mostly cloudy skies with frequent snow showers. The coastal plain has the best chance of some sunshine, especially this morning, with highs getting up into the mid 20s.

This afternoon/evening, an Arctic front will cross the region bringing our first real blast of cold air for the season. Temps will tumble rapidly overnight with gusty northwest winds. Along the front itself, snow showers will pick up and squalls could escape the hills and make a run for the coast. Thankfully from an impact perspective, this should happen after the PM commute, but if you’re out later in the evening be prepared for changing conditions.

Bitter cold will settle in for tomorrow with high temps a few degrees on either side of zero. Tis the season!


One thought on “Turning Colder Today”

  1. It’d sure be nice if we had a deep snow pack, sorely lacking in the hills and mountains, to help insulate the ground some from the bitter cold.

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