Milder Today With Light Snow Up North

Hello everyone!

Today will feature milder temperatures and some light snow in the north/mountains as a clipper system approaches from the west. We’ll be on the southern side of this system meaning warm air will be moving in on southwest breezes. As per usual, this effort will be most effective along the Midcoast, CT Valley, and southern NH while the foothills/mountains and our reasonably fresh snowpack keep colder air locked in farther north. With that in mind, look for highs in the low 20s in the mountains, upper 20s to low 30s for most of the foothills, and mid 30s farther south. The Midcoast peninsulas, where a SW wind is somewhat onshore, could get up above 40.

Any time warm air is overtaking cold air, we have to think a bit about precipitation. The clipper is producing some light snow to our west this morning, but it’s a bit short on moisture. As a result, snow will be steadiest up in the mountains where up to an inch or maybe two could pile up. Farther south, flurries are possible especially this morning but they won’t be of any consequence. A few foothill towns might see a brief period of freezing rain/sleet as warm air is able to advance more effectively farther off the ground.


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