Extremely Warm Start Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature an extremely warm start, for this time of year anyway, as southwest winds push air straight from the Gulf of Mexico into our area. The warm airmass will combine with developing sunshine downwind of the mountains to push high temps into the mid 60s along most of the coastal plain. The foothills will be a bit cooler but still quite mild in the mid 50s while the mountains, socked in upslope clouds and closer to the approaching cold front, are likely to stay in the mid 40s.

The front will gradually sweep across the area from NW to SE this evening bringing a shift towards west-northwest winds and cooler temperatures. Most of the area will be back below freezing by 7 PM which means any residual moisture will begin to freeze up so watch for slick spots. That also means today during the day is a great time to chip away at your driveway glacier while it’s nice and soft. Get after it early enough in the day and the dry west winds plus bright sunshine could let things dry out before the freeze returns.


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