Very Mild But Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

It will be feeling a lot like spring out there today as a warm front claws its way through the region and at least a few of us make a run into the 60s. The front will approach this morning with thick clouds and a round of precipitation that will fall mostly as rain except for some pockets of freezing rain in the foothills. Rain will move in around 9-10 AM and will depart between noon and 2 PM.

Behind the rain, southwest winds and emerging sunshine will push temps to levels we haven’t seen since Halloween. Points south of Brunswick/Fryeburg/Plymouth NH should be able to get safely into the 60s with parts of the CT Valley possibly making a run at 70. As always, the warm air will struggle as it tries to push farther into the foothills and mountains. This is nearly the perfect setup for overachieving temperatures, with clearing skies and a southwest wind, but leftover snowcover and topography will probably conspire to limit high temps to the mid 40s for most of the foothills and mountains. The Midcoast will actually see temps limited by an onshore component to the flow. Highs there will top out in the mid 50s.

This evening, the cold front approaches with a line of showers and thunderstorms that will develop this afternoon over Quebec and New York. As these storms move into the cooler air over our area around sunset, they will be weakening but some rain is likely around 6-8 PM especially up in the mountains. I can’t even rule out a rumble or two of thunder. Look to the northwest around sunset for the season’s first glimpse of towering cumulus!


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