A Bit of Light Snow Today

Hello everyone!

Some light snow is in the forecast today as a weak storm approaches from the southwest. Clouds from this system are already here this morning and overcast will stick around through the rest of the day. Snow will arrive in southern NH around noon before spreading north into the Whites and southern Maine during the early/mid afternoon.

Before precip arrives, southerly winds will push high temps into the mid/upper 30s for most of the region. Evaporational cooling should be enough to get snowflakes to the ground (except perhaps right at the coast) but with marginal temps, generally unimpressive dynamics to generate heavy banding, and the strong March sun, I don’t expect much if any accumulation on roads especially those that get treated this morning.

After sunset, temps will cool back towards freezing and accumulation will be able to proceed a bit more efficiently. That said, the storm will be weakening as it pulls offshore so we will have wasted our best dynamics at the time of day least conducive to accumulation.

With all that in mind, this will be a low-impact storm system. Snowfall totals will range from 2-4″ in the hills of SW NH to around an inch in York County away from the shoreline to less than that farther north. Parts of the northern mountains may struggle to see more than a few brief flurries.


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