Milder, Still Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

Yesterday’s chilly storm is moving off to the northeast this morning with just a few last rain/snow showers over Maine’s eastern foothills. These should clear out in the next hour or two. Behind the departing system, skies will clear from west to east as cooler air attempts to arrive. The cold airmass will be stymied at the surface by downsloping and the strong late-March sun. As a result, temps will be milder today, ranging from the low 40s up in the north and east to the upper 50s in southern NH.

Aloft, the incoming Canadian airmass will find no resistance which means we’ll have some instability develop (cold air likes to sink, warm air likes to rise, put cold on top of warm and you get instability). So any midday sunshine will become obscured by daytime heating-driven clouds by mid afternoon. Some of these clouds will produce showers especially in the mountains. Don’t be shocked if the showers come with a bit of small hail given the instability and cold air aloft.

Showers will die down around sunset as instability wanes.


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