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Hello everyone!

Today will feature a nice reminder that spring in New England doesn’t come easy. The cold air that has been pouring into the region aloft over the past few days will finally hit the deck today, keeping temps well below what we’d expect in late March. Highs will range from the mid 10s up north to the upper 20s right along the shoreline. Any breaks of sun you might get along the coast this morning will quickly become obscured as daytime heating clouds pop up. These clouds will drop snow showers and possibly some squalls across the region during the afternoon. The strong late-March sun, even through the clouds, will prevent much accumulation but watch for reduced visibility and some slick spots on the evening commute. NW winds will also be gusty at times, especially in the mountains, pushing wind chills into the single digits. Nothing we can’t handle, but there have been a few 60-70F days between us and the last time it was this chilly so there will be a bit of a shock to the system on the way out the door.


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